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“Peace isn’t an experience free of challenges, free of rough and smooth, it’s an experience that’s expansive enough to include all that arises without feeling threatened.”

– pema chodron

nothing is impossible, the word itself says, “i’m possible”

-audrey hepburn

take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk. – dalai lama

I’m going base tonight’s practice on Gurumayi’s New Years address in 1996 on enthusiasm… she explains:

Enthusiasm- comes from greek “en” means in, within” and “theos”- God. Literally, enthusiasm means to carry the divine within. To be filled with enthusiasm means to remember that you are a spark of the divine, and that you part of the power and grace of source and mystery, you are filled with the energy of god.

Take a few moments to center yourself, and remember and honor that light within.

10 min Cetnering and Invocation, 20 Min Guided Practice, 3 min Ujjayi breath

3 min Contemplation: “You can fill your entire year with enthusiasm. Begin now by welcoming the year with your whole heart. Who knows? It may be filled with wondrous teachings, magical insights, marvelous experiences and encounters. Whatever it brings adopt a yogic attitude and discern the same sense of wonder within your own self. Whatever the year presents you with, remember to sing God’s glory. Keep the name of God on the tip of your tongue. Relish its ineffable beauty. Let this year be the most wonder-filled year.”

10 min Conversation : What does it mean to live with enthusiasm and wonder? To me its being completely open to possibilities. Like a kid, who is so in touch with the creative flow because they haven’t become afraid yet of making mistakes or being imperfect. Their focus is completely on the wonder and excitement of discovery, and full engagement in the creative process of life. Rather than choices out of obligation, fear of scarcity, or a fear, and living with wonder and enthusiasm requires doing things that you’re inspired to do.

Question to contemplate:

Jot down some major things happening in my life this year?

What feels most easy welcome into my year with a full heart? -What things to I feel inspired about?

What things feel uncertain/anxious/fearful?

How can we carry the soft glow of enthusiasm (the rememberance of our connection to source) into these fears?

Quiet meditation 10 minutes

End with this reading, first i’ll explain with shri is…

Enthusiasm means to carry the divine with us, and the divine is shri. Shri means diffusing light or radiance, and it includes the qualities of grace,  auspiciousness, sacredness, abundance. When we recognize the divine within, then we recognize our own shri- our own beauty and radiance.

“give yourself this gift throughout the year: experience your own shri, your own auspiciousness, your own beauty, your own sacredness, your own abundance, your own nobility and dignity, your own good fortune. Let ever virtue in you blossom. Let every hidden good quality of yours shine forth. Immerse yourself in your own shri, and emerge with the blossoms of shri. Be filled with enthusiasm and sing God’s glory.”

I’m not sure about the god’s glory. I’m trying to think of a way to translate that into language I’m more comfortable with- maybe I’ll contemplate it as meaning- “offer gratitude” or “celebrate life”, or how about “celebrate the divine at work in your life” What do you think?