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The talk is about how too many choices aren’t creating more happiness, as is constantly assumed in marketing, all the freedom creates more dissatisfaction and paralysis in decision making…

Cartoon is of two fish in a bowl, one says “you can be anything you want to be – no limits”

You’re supposed to read this cartoon, and, being a sophisticated person, say, “Ah! What does this fish know? You know nothing is possible in this fishbowl.” Impoverished imagination, a myopic view of the world — and that’s the way I read it at first. The more I thought about it, however, the more I came to the view that this fish knows something. Because the truth of the matter is that if you shatter the fishbowl so that everything is possible, you don’t have freedom. You have paralysis. If you shatter this fishbowl so that everything is possible, you decrease satisfaction. You increase paralysis, and you decrease satisfaction. Everybody needs a fishbowl. This one is almost certainly too limited —perhaps even for the fish, certainly for us. But the absence of some metaphorical fishbowl is a recipe for misery, and, I suspect, disaster. Thank you very much.


Contextual statements for ME heart virtues. Context statements are simple logical statements, that, when said with meaningfulness will help to open your students hearts. Matrika must be adjusted to be appropriate to class/context of class- meet student where she is. Everyone can relate to laughter. Don’t make your treatment of the theme too lofty, context statements ground the theme and make it accessible.


–       is the capacity to hold your center even when you wobble.

–       Line up your will to connect with all that is life affirming.

–       When your will is connected to the divine will you are limitless, you’re in the flow of grace.

–       The real power of the will is revealed when your individual will is lined up with the universal will

– Willpower is the capacity to hold your center even when you wobble. – TN

–       It takes willpower to stay consistent with what you aspire to.  With willpower you can aspire to the highest.


–       requirement for growth

–       unwavering devotion to your practice

–       steadiness is to follow your heart at all odds


–       the ability to stay focused at all odds

–       to stay true to yourself and your path even when the whole world is falling apart

–       when you lack steadfastness you lack integrity and lose focus.  Steadfastness is the fuel that will take you through challenges and lead to true growth.