Bhakti – devotion, also loyalty -the way we commit ourselves to ourselves again and again through these practices -everyday we choose, bhakti yoga happens in first moments on waking, we can choose to live bright and powerful -make the choice at the beginning of the day in the way of deep loyalty to ourselves, we set the tone -valentines day interesting time to teach yoga -utter euphoria or absolute terror -everyone in different states of outer relationships -we identify valentines day with whether or not we are in relationship that makes us happy or unhappy -yoga insists that its about divine inner love, about the stabilization of who we are from the inside out, regardless of the outer status of relationship -love, unlove, happiness, terror, its amazing what we go through as human beings -yoga is about an internal stabilization of the self love, clearing our minds in a vibrant way, pouring our hearts into our lives in the way of devotion, committing ourselves in the way of self loyalty “I love all of me no matter what, inside I am stabilized in this inner bhakti”