theme: seeing beauty and responding to it
heart quality: remembrance and celebration
action: ME – hug the midline OE – expand out circumferentially

pinnacle: wild thing

Hands up if you’ve heard of “double rainbow” the big youtube meme on the internet? Explain – guy making a video of seeing a rainbow, he cries and screams and wonders for seven minutes, so expressive, no holds barred. Got 8 million hits in a week, now at 24 million views! What was it that people resonated with in this video?

I think it was his ability to see beauty and respond to it with full expression. Alot of the time its hard for us to really see beauty and culturally we don’t usually know how to respond to it. I think we’re relieved when we see someone respond authentically to something truly marvelous.

We can connect this to the two core purposes for practicing yoga: remembrance & celebration. Remembrance is connecting to the world around us, the beauty in us and the beauty all around. Celebration is expressing our experience of that, making it known.

Practice of yoga helps us to connect to ourselves, and the poses become an expression of that connection. So today we are going to do what the double rainbow guy did: remember the beauty and wonders of the world and ourselves and then express that.


-hip circles, cat/cow
-SN – lunge/gentle twist
-SN full stretch/runners stretch
SN – hip opener/twisted lunge

DD – mini demo “wax on, plug in, strong arms, soft heart”
everyone try it

utkatasana>prayer twist>full stretch>mod. side plank (foot in front)
utka> gentle twist> side plank

cobra X3
salabhasana (hands behind head)
bhekasana (thigh stretch)
bow pose

half moon (balance)
side plank *HAB
wild thing *HAB

happy baby