Sama Theme, Week of Nov 7


Personalize: I started yoga when i was 13- saw poster at the YWCA for a class and thought “I think i want to try that… it sounds really different and unique… It’s definitely something none of my friends are doing.” In our culture we’re training to see differences and emphasize our individuality.


Contextualize: The reasons I started in retrospect is kind of funny and ironic, because one of the most important aspects of the practice is to look for sameness, for the unity and connectedness in all things.

Same- in english comes from Sanskrit

sama (Sanskrit word meaning “same”, “equal”): harmony, equality.

Learning to see the unity takes sensitivity. Anusara yoga developed by John Friend. He is master and looking for patterns and similarities- from studying different systems of yoga and different therapeutic approaches and working with hundreds of students, he started to see patterns to the way the body can optimally align and heal. And he created that apply to everyone.

Universalize: Basic premise- nature is orderly, the body is orderly- it’s not complicated. It’s complex, elegant. And I’m trained to guide you in learning how to apply these principles to our own unique body and circumstances in order to have more freedom and ease. This approach is empowering, because over a number of months and years of steady practice anyone can learn these principles and learn how to practice yoga safely and create healing themselves.

Actions: OTG (sensitivity) and Evenly hugging muscles on all sides of bone (steadiness)

Context statements:

Sama- same, harmony (universal)

Sthitih- being completely and firmly established; steadfastness.

Tadasana = Samasthitih> Even quality of light and consciousness that shines through every part of body. Harmonious balance of sensitivity to the unity and steadfast expression of the individual.

  • Look for the similarities first- feel the bigger energy not just specifics…. look for what unites us all.
  • Then secondly we look at the individual, from the periphery we draw into our center with steadfast effort. We honour our uniqueness and our individual expression of the bigger energy of life.
  • Samana: one of the five main pranas, energy responsible for bringing nourishment and balance to all parts of the body.