Make the theme/quality MATTER to the students


This quality will enable us to _____________in our lives.

So let’s do _____(pose)____ with ________(HQ) so that we can _____(do something in our lives)___________ more powerfully.

Build experiences around the theme/heart quality, linking it to the students’ lives

Using gratitude as an example…

-what are you grateful for in your life? hug into that with strong legs

-charge your legs, grateful for the stability that your legs bring you

-draw the shoulder blades firmly onto the back, creating a strong container to hold all your gratitude

-widen the thighs back, opening to receive gratitude

-be grateful that that pose is over! 🙂

-reach your arm forward toward someone you are grateful for

-turn back in your twist, looking into your past, then carry gratitude to your past forward into your present as you untwist

-what is your relationship to gratitude? notice what attitude you carry towards it.

Link the theme/heart quality to Chit and Ananda

We cultivate _________(heart quality) so we can (chit/ananda – know ourselves, express ourselves).

When we ______(encounter theme in such a way) and can respond with _______(heart quality) then we are embodying/experiencing/creating (chit/ananda – our highest selves, our deepest essence, our true nature, our highest self expression)

Make Chit and Ananda matter to the students’ lives

When we _____(chit/ananda – tap into our deepest selves, revel in our own expression etc.) we have more power to _________(something important or relevant in their lives).


Add real examples to these. Real heart qualities/themes.