1. Noodle Arms

This is from a Tai Chi teacher that I had in Findhorn. Standing with feet wider than hip width, turn the torso and hips from side to side and let the arms fling around  the torso. When you turn to one side you can turn the toes out. You can bend the knees in between a bit. The arms sort of slap the torso, waking up the sides of the body. As Jen said during our teacher training “twist and slap like no one’s watching!”

2. Chi Warmer

Have partners stand a few feet from each other and press their palms together and lean forward, almost touching noses. Then press into hands and push back, sort of doing pushups towards each other. Then go from side to side (like european kisses) and eventually as you push back you can release hands and then bring them back together and lean forward. Super fun!

3. Shakti Flings

Holding opposite wrists, sit into a chair and bring opposite hand back behind you, opening the heart to the side. Straighten legs to switch hands and then sit back and open out to the other side.  (Fun version for the more active: turn it into a kind of breakdance move, bringing hips all the way down to the floor and bringing the back hand to the floor behind, then jumping up and switching.