These are adjustments that can be given by a teacher. If the comfort level and sensitivity of the class is high the more therapeutic ones could also be taught as partner exercises.

Parsvokonasana Top Arm Integration Assist

-this adjustment can be given if the periphery of the top arm(i.e. the hand) is extending backward at a faster rate than the lower arm

-approach the person from behind with SSA (Sensitivity, Stability and Awareness

-have them reach their top arm out straight in front of them (or guide them there)

-hold their wrist, cup their bicep and plug the arm bone into the socket. holding that firmly, extend the arm up overhead, and instruct them to stretch long from the pelvis through the legs and up through the arms

-your thigh is right behind their torso so they feel stable but you are not pressing into them

-to come out, inhale and keeping hold of their wrist, assist them back up

Ardha Chandrasana Assist

-this is simple. from behind, stabilize the top hip with one hand and hold the top wrist with the other.

Headstand Assist

-with the palm of your hand, root the base of the skull down (active organic) as they lift everything else up from that point! an experience of the upper palate focal point.

-another one, to get an opening in the mid back: approach from behind and bring the outer shin across the upper back, making sure the tone of the shin is even – because they are balancing you have to be especially sensitive. place hands on their hips and pressing the shin evenly into the low back lift them up through the hips!

Ustrasana Assist

-Anchor the hips down (active organic energy) to give them more rooting to rise up from

Inner Spiral Therapeutics

-have person lie on their back with their knees bent, soles of the feet on the floor, arms in cactus position

-standing over them, cross hands and bring hands to inner thighs, and widen in back and apart, and root down (to bring femurs into sockets)

-release and use both hands to do each side individually, drawing the flesh of the buttocks and thigh out as you widen the thigh in an inner spiral

-watch the thighs, observe them, see if they are changing/releasing

-pick up the legs, bring the ankles into armpits, then hold the shins and hike the legs up, bringing their pelvis off the ground. sway lightly from side to side. oh sweet release.

-release them down, pulling gently on the feet to release the pelvis

-lengthen the legs, bringing them down, then have them bring soles of the feet to the floor again, and start from the beginning, holding the inner spiral and watching their breath return and deepen

-you can have them bring their arms into robot arms, press into their upper arms, and then keep pressing the inner thighs back, apart and down. AWESOME.

Pigeon Therapeutics

-have person come into pigeon. you want to make sure their sacrum is level, that is the optimum position for the sacrum. don’t worry about the buttock flesh, it will be uneven because of the position, but you want to make sure the sacrum is not on an angle. So to release it, you need to create stability and width. Stabilizing the outside of the back leg with your foot/ankle, widen the thigh of the back leg back, pressing into the outer hip, drawing it all the way around. On the bent leg side you can place the hand in the hip crease and create an outer spiral, bringing the other hand to draw the belly away from the thigh, creating space. If the person is pretty tight you can have them bring their torso diagonally over the front leg to help square the hip of the back leg. Have them keep the shin hugging in and then widen the thigh themselves. Once the sacrum has leveled you can root their hips down.

-a simple sequence for this would be to adjust the back leg (manual inner spiral, stabilizing the back leg with your ankle to their outer shin) then adjust the back leg AND the front leg (inner spiral on back, outer spiral on front), then root their hips down