Theme: Creating a steadfast relationship with our bodies

Heart Quality: Steadfastness

Action: Muscular Energy (Muscle to Bone, Midline)

Pinnacle: Bakasana

Today we are going to work on becoming really steadfast in our poses. As the session progresses we’re going to play more with balancing poses, so before we move in that direction I want to give you the actions that will keep your poses steady and stable.

Muscular Energy is the action that keeps us steady and stable in our poses, and we are going to be looking at this in our practice today. And I want to link it to this idea of developing a steadfast relationship with our bodies. As creators, our relationship with our bodies is so important. It is our instrument, it is how we access and interact with the world. Muscular Energy allows us to create strength and stability so that we can learn to trust ourselves to balance.


-partner stretch (grab wrists and sit back in invisible chair, opposite hands and step opp foot back)

-shaking out

-sun breaths


-SN x2 – gentle twist, full stretch (DD to plank “pushups” – normal and then with one leg lifted)


-explain MTB, HTM

-do these in every pose, keeps joints and ligaments safe, keeps us from falling out of poses

-example: prayer twist lunge (everyone try)


-DD – explain ME in arms in this pose

-extended side angle

-warrior 2> triangle


-office chair>finger tips to floor

-malasana x 3




-ardha matsey

-baddha kon

-supta padang