What are the common needs/limitations/strengths of a beginner student? (Leena’s answers)

  • Relaxation and have fun!
  • Community
  • Increase awareness of body in space- outer form of the pose and foundation of poses
  • Increase flexibility of hamstrings, hips, shoulders
  • Increase lower and upper body strength and stamina
  • Improve balance
  • Learn diaphragmatic breathing. Evenness of breath.

Why do an 8-week intro and how to make it a great experience:

–       Students should gain a basic understanding of what yoga is and the benefits of doing it.

–       Gain strength, flexibility, awareness, confidence, relaxation, stress relief, balance

–       Introduced to basic vocabulary and poses

–       Intro to meditation and basic chanting

–       Prepared, confident and safe for lvl 1

–       Home practice ideas/ Option to give homework. Provide pen and paper. Use white board. In lesson pick one thing that you worked on that day and specify how much you want them to do it (4 times before the next class…). Action homework: while you’re brushing your teeth lift your knee caps… gets people to remember they have a body!)

–       FUN!/Community

  • Partner work
  • Worthy and welcome. Greet people as they come. Shake hands, learn names.
  • Make yourself available for questions after class
  • Give email
  • Use their names in classes (esp from other side of the room- increases students sense of your omnipresence)

–       Students should be comfortable asking for help: be around after class, engage them generally. Shake their hand/make physical connection. Ask about injuries, invite them to remind you if they need modifications. Remind them it’s okay to ask for individual help and to use up your extra time one day, that frees up the space for someone else to ask for help when they need it.

–       Intro to resources and props.