Tara Judelle: http://www.yogaglo.com/online-class-262-by-Tara-Judelle-on-Anusara-in-Arm-Balances-Inversions.html

Actions: head and shoulders lift back (fearless). heart softens forward (innocence). head and shoulders moving onto back (scapula on back) allows the heart to soften. takes courage to open heart.

warm ups had lots with uttanasasna and shoulder stuff and some twisting

warrior 2> tirko> ardha chandra> chapasana> parsvottansana

inverted L- lengthen arms bones, melt heart (fearless, innocent)

pincha on wall

pincha balancing

funky pincha (80 % of weight on forearm side) turn other hand out.

kick up-“intelligent legs”

pause, soften, go to the same innocence as tadasasna

wonder of a kid

intelligence of body.