Theme: Acknowledging and celebrating our own strength

HQ: Resilience and Celebration

Actions: Hugging to the Midline, Extending out from the Focal Point

Pinnacle: Bakasana

Today the theme is acknowledging and celebrating our own strength and resilience. We are all incredibly resilient beings who have sprung back from any number of challenges, but often we don’t really acknowledge that strength in ourselves. We see the darkness of the challenge rather than the light of our own response to it.

In Anusara, and particularly in Tantric philosophy, our aim is to reconcile the dark and the ligth, to begin to see our darkness as light. To find in the heart of the challenge the seed of transformation, and then to accept the gift of our own strength and resilience that emerges.

Nature designed us to be resilient. Everything springs back. This is a natural thing for the trees, for animals. But what is so cool about being awake and aware humans is that we can know we are resilient and see the miracle of it. The highest purposes for Anusara Yoga are chit and ananda: these are sanskrit words for consciousness and bliss. So if we have an aware enough consciousness to really see our strength and resilience,then we get a hit of bliss that comes with being aware, and in that bliss we can celebrate that resilience. Today we are going to play with that pulsation of seeing our resilience and celebrating it, of becoming conscious and then delighting in our own consciousness. And then, who knows, we may begin to welcome challenges into our lives because we know they carry the opportunity for awareness and growth.

Centreing – drop into the body, invite yourself here.

-reflect on your journey. what challenges have you sprung back from that you could acknowledge? Sit and acknowledge the depth of that challenge. Then begin to widen out to see your own strength and resilience in response.

-As you listen to the chant, sit with a deepening sense of yourself as a great resource of strength and resilience

  • warmups – DD leg ups (5 on each side) and folding (tad –> utt)
  • SN – straight leg lunge
  • SN – crescent lunge, fire hydrant (5 liftson each side)
  • ME/OE demo   – gather around. two actions we are focusing on today are hugging to the midline and extending from the focal point out. these correspond to acknowledging our resilience and celebrating it. the midline runs down the centre of the body, and in all poses we hug the limbs toward it. (demonstrate with arms) isometrically means to move without moving, so alot of hugging to the midline is an energetic drawing in, without moving. Watch the difference in downward dog. (Demonstrate DD without any actions. Ask them to watch and see the difference when you fill it with action and intention)
  • Downward Dog with a focus on the actions, linked to HQ –> did you have a different experience of DD? AWESOME. Lets cultivate those actions in the rest of the poses.
  • utkatasana > prayer twist > prayer twist lunge > DD (come back to actions)
  • parsvakonasana > trikonasana
  • pigeon prep
  • malasana with hands in prayer (squeeze legs into upper arms) > malasana with hands outstretched
  • bakasana  – short demo – strong arms, focus on squeezing knees into midline, extending from lower belly down and up –> hug into resilience, extend in celebration and then maybe….you’ll fly.
  • bakasana – everyone try
  • thread the needle (on backs)
  • navasana crunches
  • ardha matseyandrasana
  • supta padangusthasana
  • savasana