Steadfastness on our path

–       HQ: Steadiness and freedom   Actions: ME/OE (HABB and SBOB)

Continuing my yoga training- some obstacles to getting into a training that I really want to be part of. First felt disappointment, uhh I should just do something else, but then I remembered how much I care about studying yoga and how I want to stay dedicated and true this path that I love.

In yogic philosophy the Ganesh, the elephant god, represents that aspect of consciousness that helps us to move through obstacles and blocks in our life. It’s significant that this aspect of consciousness is embodied as an elephant. If you think of the qualities of an elephant they are earthy, huge, live for a long, long time… qualities remind me steadfastness. And this quality is crucial in moving through obstacles, both in terms of life circumstances, but also obstacles in our inner relationship with our selves, with out spirit. So in our practice today we’re going do embody that quality steadfastness of Ganesh in order to move more deeply into our poses and subsequently also experience more freedom and expansiveness in the practice.

Meditation: Even breaths.

–       Warm ups: lunges and jump switching

–       Cactus arms (retract arms in, SBOB then expand)

–       Utkatasana with arms retract and then extended

–       Lunge twist

–       Utka> Prayer twist > step back > twisted lunge> holy hamstring stretch

–   Chatturanga push ups with blocks under shoulders (don’t touch block, keep HABB/SBOB)

–       Parsvo

–       Trikonasana- 1st- remember IBB lengthen, HOTBB (ME), extend (OE))

–       TRIK partner: hand on friends pelvis (root down) and crown of head (extend)

–       Shoulder opener

–       Pigeon prep

–       Setu bandha

–       Twist

–       Savasana

–       Chanting to ganesha