Theme- going to the moon. Kennedy set vision- wasn’t technology yet, but he had a vision. Based on trusting that they could figure it out. As teachers for us to embody this trust that we can figure it out is critical right now- we’re at a place in the economy and environment. We can go choose to go somewhere new.

Heart qual- trust- open your heart to trust your own inner guidance

PP- Urdva D

Action- Shoulder loop- bottom tips in expands the heart- opens the thorasic spine

Oh how wonderful – side bodies naturally lengthen and shoulders go back

Bow your head honouring your inner guidance

–       arms to sides- wrists slightly forwarded- shoulders hug in- tip should blades into your trusting heart

–       mixed level- keep defining terms – like humerus

–       twisted sun breaths

–       interlace- side stretch, 2nd favorite side

*first 15 minutes them with action, not lots of technical stuff. Get people moving and knowing the feelings.

DFD leg lifts

Cobra- head of armbone to back of the body (define that clearly for students)

–       teach students to isometrically sweet hands to feet


–       partner standing cobra (very close, only do in comfortable classes) – resist with forearms, sweep forearms down, reach your trusting heart up, shoulders go towards ears as our sidebodies get long.

–       Same cobra on smooth floor- tricepts talking! – show how if hands under shoulders you slide back- if you couldn’t slide on the floor all that pressure goes to your low back.

–       Width of hands- wrists under elbows, makes correct action easier. Hands forward is more advanced puts pressure in the lower back.

Dolphin Dog

–       for beginners huge stretch in shoulder, don’t hold long, then 2 wks later teacher DFD it will feel easier

SN- 90 angle butt stretch with elbows on floor

OTG take the breath into the back body- trusting in the bigger energy to support you as your open.

Lunge twist- 2nd take hand wider and go into backbend

Chatturanga- 3 blankets halfed lengthwise

Belly down hips on blanket, chatt prep arms 90, core that has to lift

Skull loop crucial for empowering core

Baby chat on elbows – not sagasana.

Fire butt up- firm but bouncy, not gripped

–       lower from plank to blankets

  • takes three weeks to notice improvement in strength, except hams, they take more

anjaney- knee bent

passive chest opener, 1-2 blankets. If shoulder problem put elbows on blanket too.

-then activate arms 90 up- sleep walk, plug in, then bring over head

-urdva arms, hug HAB in

Shoulder opener w block, elbows in to midline, arm pits hollow, take block up and back till elbows over shoulders


Cobra on blanket with partner holding calves, cobra 2 with hands back

Danurasana with blanket and partner hold heels, can even sit on heels and hold shoulders- bring shoulders forward and up

Setu banda- set feet, roll inner thighs in, heels draw to TB, get hips up and tb in.

Urdva D- stop with weight on upper back, plug shoulders in. bottom tips of SB into heart, stretch up from the heart.

Come out- touch down to top of head first, then tuck chin and come down.

UD options:

–       lift the floor up with blanets  or firm bolster- have had on bolster, start with natural arch in back. Turn hands out

–       head needs to slide in when it goes to floor- not using quads, pull heels to butt.

–       Don’t push feet into floor, puts all the weight in the arm, just drag heels and slide the head.

Twist on back, move hips over 10 inches. Knees to l take hand to hip, lengthen SB and pin SBLS back to floor.