Heart Qualities:

–       goes with an action, still teach all actions, but emphasis on one by tying it to heart quality to help people feel it more.

–       With org extension end with saying “full expression, remember… and you can tie back to the theme. But don’t take on the heart quality here if is really a quality that goes with ME or IS.

–       Connecting heart quality and action brings it into the student’s cellular memory.


–       ME- hug muscles to bone- embracing, stability, steadfastness, standing firm with what’s going on right now

–       IS/thighs back- approach with beginners mind, this is a new action for us. Open to new paradigm, open to something new.

–       Make a list of words that mean the same thing as your heart quality/ a few other ways to say it.


–       what’s the point? How does it relate? So what mantra.

–       All ties back to Chit Ananada (chit- knowing who you are, ananda- your true nature is bliss)

–       All part of the same energy

–       Intuition always speaking to you

–       True nature is joy

–       Knowing you’re part of something bigger- supreme conciousness.

What’s the point of doing the class?

–       can be personal story

–       give an example

–       story from another teacher

–       poem/reading