–       DFD bend arms push ups, don’t go all the way down if can’t keep arms symmetrical.

–        dips on edge of chair, make sure to keep head of humerous back.

–       Wall- toe push ups, walk back to make it harder.

–       Plank, knees down, side bodies long, melt heart, keep body straight as your lower

–       Next, knees down, chest and chin down, dog tail up, makes it more weight bearing.

–       Plank- lower knees, chest and chin simultaneously.

–       Build strength- plank chat, plank, dog. Add two to practice measurably strengthens arms and shoulders in 3 weeks when you practice 4 days wk or more. (DO THIS IN MY PERSONAL PRACICE!!) You build strength through range of motion not stagnant.

–       Strength training for women increases confidence