Theme: worthiness is a given

Heart quality- worthiness (put heart qual with principle in the order they go not sprinkle it around or tack it on at the end.

Action: open to grace

Let your heart smile remembering your inherent  worthiness, your sense of play and adventure.

OTG- open to the possibility that your worthy no matter what your body can do, no matter your size or shape. You’re here= you’re worthy in Anusara

Attitude of non-judgemental curiousity about your challenges. Why can this person kick up, if it’s a man it has no relevance to my life.

–       you have to know how you got there so you can give a road map to your students. Use everything to awaken and go to the next level.

You are worthy whether you can do it or not. Your worthiness is never at question, you are worthy because you are. You are worthy already, if you are already worthy how do you want to express it?  what’s your unique expression of the bigger energy?

We do handstand because its fun, its an extraordinary way to start your day, not because it makes us a better or more worthy.

(leaving out stuff here- normal warm ups and SN)

High lunge- arms sweep out to side- help Kloop

Chatturanga- hammock with strap around arms above elbows (to set up stand with elbow under shoulder.

–       does some of the core work and helps you get organized in your shoulders.

Child- spider fingers playing the piano. Lift under edge of arms. Press HAB (head of Arm bone) back. Lift inner edge of arm pit higher than outer

–       DFD- arm bones moving forward, lift from under side (look at your students from the side to see if they’re doing this). Lift whole arm bone evenly not the outer edge (upper arms tend to over internally rotate, lower arms tend to overly external rotation)

–       From table teach to melt heart, inner elbows go forward, then face each other.

–       Wild dog

–       Vasist prep, with front foot forward

–       Vasist- stretch over head (bottom leg outer edge of foot, front foot is flat.

–       Use in SN (Surya Namaskara) to get shoulders juiced up.

–       Wall Dog-

–       Set up in table. Have to press heart towards wall and then extend down through heart and up to the hips (side bodies long)

–       If the student is sliding down have to press heart to wall more. Watch if they’re shoulders and heart is coming in front of wrists as the walk up the wall. If they can’t open enough in shoulders or hamstrings to do this take their hands a bit further from wall to they can learn to push the heart to the wall. Opt- feet of partner on shoulder blades, but this is not as empowering.)

–       One leg up- lift from belly of ham. Good with partner to help you gauge if leg is vertical, keep leg rolling in so pelvis is neutral- inner spiral- knee cap is a head light pointing straight at wall.

–       Moon walking!! Come to tip toes of leg at wall, lift other leg up then swing it down keeping it straight. Repeat!

Kicking up

–       Assist only if person can do one legged wall dog and moon walking (especially if you are smaller than the student J) . Then they’re strong enough and just fear holding them back.

Matrika Shakti

–       what your words have power- can harm or empower

–       I can’t do that VS…

–       What part of that could I do?

–       I’m working on the components.

–       This is a real opportunity to learn

–       My handstand (or whatever) is a work in progress

–       I’m developing

–       We create our self image through what we say to ourselves- its mouldable.

–       Model this to your students

–       Know what you need to do to improve!

–       Honor your baby steps