from Betsy

Theme – drawing into your power to make life affirming choices. Drawing in to trust your guidance, you can figure it out and you’re being supported. Extend and share it generously, shine out.

You are a unique manifestation of consciousness. You are powerful to make choices, shine out be authentic.

Action- Kloop and OE

KL- buoyant in back body, use power in front body to connect with universal. Use individual to serve universal

Back body represents- bigger energy, kula, that what we cannot see, support

Table- wrists in front of shoulders if any wrist/shoulder problems.

One legged dog- take both thighs back, seat femur, without lifting foot

Slouch exercise- partner slouch like a teenager. Assistant press down on shoulders- imagine this is a stressor, align and press again.

–       great to use for first class- don’t teach KL- explain this is optimal blueprint, powerful yet at ease at once. This is goal of yoga, this is why we align in yoga.

–       inhale into your back body to remember you’re connected to a bigger energy

–       DFD- fire hydrant (or in table for beginners), full kidneys

–       Pigeon

–       Utkatasana and fists> vira 3

–       Side note- erving dardick looks at heart rates and those in best shape can go up and down easily, trains parasympathetic nervous system- make waves in classes

–       Standing hip opener at the wall, one leg high, wrap

Limiting factors for arm balancing:

–       hip flexibility- can’t get leg high enough on arms

–       eka hasta bhujasana- leg over shoulder pumps to get lubed up! Float kidneys back

–       assist- hold arm under leg so it can’t slip, and then hold toes with other hand

–       other option- wrap strap around arm

–       asa vakrasana – crocked in 8 places pose- leg over shoulder, opt arms straight or chatt arms

–       bakasana- like a bird puffing to lift off a branch, draw little toe back (shins in)

–       helper- 2 blocks lifts the floor, good esp if ppl have short arms. Lean over to engage abs and activate kidney loop.

–       Back body philosophy- hidden/universal, breath into back body, lift heart- KL and SP pulsation.

–       Titibasana- if they can do upavista well

More on Themes:

–       they take practice!

–       Keep it simple in the beginning, stick with one heart qual not pulsation.

–       Integrity, compassion, love, trust, sensitivity, joy, worthiness

–       Theme is an explanation of the heart quality- gives meaning to it.

–       What’s my message, what am I trying to offer? Sometimes have to get on back for it to become clear as you practice. Embody it!