Pinnacle Pose (PP)- ardha chandrasana chapasana

Heart quality: joy

Theme (pulsation)- Joyfully accepting where you are and eagerly looking forward to what’s next on your path. “you don’t ever arrive- always growing and learning and changing. Love yourself where you are, in all  your imperfections. Equally love where you are as where you’re going.

Actions: ME and OE

Table- wave cat and dog tail (last mvmt is head)

–       kneed to forehead- opens and strengthens students for stepping into lunges

–       pointer- toe on floor first, then first and kneed together


dog alignment- on straight leg back from table.

–       One leg up- focus on lifting from belly of hamstring. Preps for kicking up to handstand. Learn to level and square hips- its not about swinging the leg high, but staying aligned!

–       Partner- hand on belly of hamstring- sweep up from there. Lead from where the pressure is. 2nd, hands on ASIS to keep them level (only with comfortable group- adv)

SN- lunges, high lunges, humble warrior

–       Shine your joyful heart forward

Inversion – optional


–       Tadasana on the floor, take arms over head and set head of armbone

–       Set pelvis- inner thighs down, lengthen lumber curve

–       Both legs down, then one lifts to 90 x4

–       Both legs up, then lower one, 4x

–       Both legs up, cross in the middle, the lower the cross is harder

Q: flat back in when working on abs?

–       NO, strengthen while lengthening psoas when we keep the lumbar curve.

–       When flat back just abs and thigh bones push out of sockets.

–       Having thighs pushed forwards relates to anxiety in nervous system (ie backbends push thighs forward, excite nervous system. After 911 in NYC everyone had tights pushed forwards).

–       Psoas- runs from inner thigh up diagonally to the front of the lumbar vertebra. Very emotionally responsive muscle. Need to keep natural curve and stabilize pelvis to put it in correct position.

–       Key to UPAs strengthen as we lengthen muscles.

–       Therapeutics- do more ME- when muscle injured it pulls away from bone. ME first, then lengthen

–       If you don’t the muscle heals away from the bone in shortened position. Must get muscle to engage on bone first

Tree- hug in, dristi 6ft

Parsva- press back thigh back, front buttock under. Quick IS instruction- inner thighs back. OS- tone glutes


–       turn back foot in for beginners, around 1-2 start teaching with foot straight. Mixed level go to individuals and have them switch it

–       if student can’t straighten leg- widen legs creates more organic> increases stretch

–       if shorten stance and put on block less stretch in ham.

–       More inner spiral, start with hand on side take hips back to line up hams then scoop

–       If you’re on 2+ blocks put student in parsvo till they open more

(Level 1- three standing poses is good)

Shoulder opener with partner- get a rest

Gomukasana standing

–       head of arm bone back, elbow forward

–       internal rotation of top arm, triceps to nose

–       kidney loop- fill into back of waist

–       if you’re over stretch the armpit puffs- look for wrinkle in armpit  * stabilize the hyper mobile!

Reverse namaste

Parsvo with arms on back, work balance work

Table- take outer form of  chapasana- first cross, then same side. Option belt

Ardha chandrasana

–       beginners, draw in after step forward and keep leg bent till you’re stable

–       look down, turn head slowly after looking- eyes and head separate

–       equal extension of top and bottom leg- balanced energy

Ardha Chandrachapasana

–       if its hard to grab knee take knee in first

Savasana- let your awareness move into the spaciousness of your heart