lakshmi reminds us to let marks of imperfections be marks of beauty, what might be a weakness, a vulnerablity- allow those things to become our strengths. starts with affirmation, starts with saying yes.

auspiciousness- that way in which we begin in affirmation- say yes first. if you’re feeling low, angry, delighted. our first teaching is to say well yes to that, how i can make my fear or anger, how can i turn that into an asset rather than a liability. from there we can create a deeper engagement.

lakshmi teaches us to root back into our source in challenge, to go back to source of being and savour ourselves. if we’ve been kicked to the curb we can go back to our origins, what takes me into the muck and mud of my soul and how can i say yes to that. where are my vulnerablities and how can i work with them. lakshmi is invitation to get back to the core and to the elemental. there is always more. everytime we think we’ve run out there is more waiting for us, its just that we’ve stopped looking. place to start looking is to go further and further down into our being.

gold coins flowing out of her hands- gold- recognizing the wealth of our own qualities. as we mine our own hearts, and the qualities of our own thoughts and feelings we can transform them into value in our day to day lives. our most natural and elemental state is what we need to connect with as cultural beings. and its takes going into the muck over and over.

as we root down so we grow up.