Theme: Solstice – Darkness and light

Heart qual: Honor/ awe/ wonder, connected to First Principles, IBB

Personalize: Winter solstice coming this week, darkest part of the year. The word solstice derives from Latin sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still)- in the stillness and darkness we have time to turn inwards and be reflective. Through the contrast of darkness and cold in winter, we come to appreciate the warm and light of summer.

Universalize: In the philosophy of yoga, light cloaks or conceals itself as darkness just for the joy of revelation, for the beauty of contrast. It’s like this cosmic game of peek-a-boo- like a baby who pulls a blanket over its head for the joy and surprise of pulling it off again.

Chit/Ananda: The highest purpose of this practice is to live more fully- to honor, to be in awe, of the full spectrum of life, both light and darkness.

The light in the heart is like the sun behind a curtain, you may think that the world is in darkness, but really its just the room you’re in at the time, when you open the curtain and you’ll find that the sun has always been shining.

No matter the darkness or difficulties life brings, there is always a light burning in our hearts, let that light carry you through the dimness.

As you… open your heart to the full spectrum of life.

… with reverence, and awe at the capacity of your body to move and stretch. Honor the way that the practice is unfolding for you.

….honoring challenges and times of darkness in your life that have brought revelation and growth in your life.

Exhale and soften more, take a repose in the exhale and soften and feel the stillness inside.

OTG- Make you’re inner body bright and side bodies long with the intention to shine your light.

OTG- Let your inner body brighten, like the brightness of a baby’s face playing peek-a-boo.

IBB- let the whole inner body glow, soften, get into the back body and remember that you’re connected to something bigger.

ME- Draw in power to nurture yourself, to connect with a bigger source of energy. With every inhale charge the body so it gets brighter

ME- every time you hug in you choose to embrace yourself as an embodiment of spirit. You find the light inside and lovingly hug all of your cells.