Seasons Greetings from the Kirks!

The days are becoming shorter as the night skies blanket us with darkness.  The cooling outside invites us to journey inward and to gather around the warmth of the hearth – fireplaces in our living rooms or of our own hearts.  This is a time of reflection as we turn the corner of 2009.  What will these last days bring you?

Our lives are made up of years, months, days, hours, minutes and moments in time.  How do you wish to engage these moments of your life?  The word “Yoga” first shows up in the Rig Veda as “Yug” which is a military term for yoking a chariot to a horse.  What you choose to “yoke” or commit to is how you engage these moments of life.  Yoga is “engagement” and making deeper connections to what matters most to you.  These moments are what make a life precious.

May this time of sharing in familiar traditions bring a deepening connection to loved ones, friends and the world at large.