Context statements are simple logical statements, that, when said with meaningfulness will help to open your students hearts. Matrika must be adjusted to be appropriate to class/context of class- meet student where she is. Everyone can relate to laughter. Don’t make your treatment of the theme too lofty, context statements ground the theme and make it accessible.

Before taking students into a pose, or during a repose, give a context statement to remind them why the actions are important in the following pose- context statements give meaningfulness to the actions. Then set the foundation and go through the UPAs. When you get to the UPA that you are linking the theme to most strongly, then you give a soundbite of the context statement- make it powerful, especially if it is the apex pose.

Example- theme is steadfastness, which you link to muscle energy. “When you lack steadfastness you lack integrity and lose focus.  Steadfastness is the fuel that will take you through challenges and lead to true growth.”